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Greetings All

Here we are at the end of the year again.. nothing unusual in that.. except it is the end of 2021 - another year of Covid! Over the year, I have felt peoples frustration and sadness. I have heard stories of losses.. of people, of work of businesses.. and I have seen such courage and resilience as well..

In amongst all this and more, many have learnt to become more appreciative of what they have and also of having time to reflect and perhaps make changes to their lives.. Not all.. but at least some..

Working online has been a revelation for me! I have found new clients in other provinces and in other countries...not to mention some who for some strange and mysterious reason found Yeoville to be on the outer fringes of the known universe and too dangerous to venture into...

Besides this, the online sessions are really interesting because people are more open and seemly more comfortable but also the camera picks up energies like auras far more sharply than the naked eye...

So this is now to be a permanent feature for me...

There are other important advantages too: lower carbon emissions for doesn't have to sit in traffic for one or two hours to get here, have a session and spend the next one or two getting back...

In the coming year I will continue to offer my usual courses as well as talks online via Zoom.


The Shamanic Studies Course

The Shamanic Studies Course draws on the ways and practices of Shamanic cultures from around the world. I draw on African, European, North American, South American, Hawaiian, Australian Aboriginal,  Maori, Siberian and Far East traditions...choosing the practices that are universally common...

This course is about using this Wisdom Keeper knowledge for everyday practical application and personal self growth and development. 

(It does not include the taking of hallucinogenics nor ceremonies for the purpose of taking them...I am happy to refer people to practitioners who run these ceremonies). See dates and times and cost on


The Rune Magic Course

The Rune Magic Course is a focus on the Norse Shamanic Culture ( Vikings) and is six evening course over 3 months:

Session 1. The Runic Futhark
Wednesday 1st June and
Thursday 2nd June 
19.00 to 21.30

Session 2. Rune Casting and Divination
Wednesday 6th July and
Thursday 7th July
19.00 to 21.30

Session 3. World Tree
Wednesday 3rd August 
Thursday 4th August
19.00 to 21.30

The Runes are an incredibly powerful tool that are a source of wisdom, creative magic and divination.. See dates on


The Kabbalah group
The Kabbalah group will continue as it has for the past year....all are welcome to join. It is focused on practical applications for one's life. See the year's dates on


Life with your Guides
There is a new format for the Opening to Guides workshop. Instead of a workshop, it is a monthly meeting, called Life with your Guides, on a Monday evening, where you can ask questions about the guides, how to connect better with them and how to grow and develop your relationship with them. It includes information, practices and meditations. It is 8 sessions over the year and the cost per session is R200.


The one-on-one consultations
The one-on-one consultations continue as usual. My fee is R650 per session. Book via Whatsapp message on 0834411733...


What remains to be said is thank you! Thank you! Thank you for all the support and love during this very difficult year and to wish you and your loved ones the very best of blessings and joy, good health and abundance this Festive season and for 2022!

I look forward to connecting with you in the new year. (My office opens on the 10th January)

Much love and blessings

"Never lose hope, my heart, miracles dwell in the invisible" ~ Rumi

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