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My Guides

Spirit Guides serve different purposes in our lives as extensions of our higher selves.

Of the large number of Guides around me, these are the ones who are most in contact with me at present:

Kurt - Guide


Kurt is my closest Guide. He is my connector, who enables me to connect with other Sprit Guides and time-spaces. My clairaudient and clairvoyant powers are connected through him.

Kurt resonates with the Master number 22. As a Guide of this magnitude, he clearly has lived thousands of lives. This gives him the wisdom and empathy that he uses in his guideship. People are constantly amazed by the depth of his teachings and the unique spin he puts on things. Nevertheless, these teachings are always in clear, no-nonsense language.

Kurt presents himself as a young German soldier who was killed in the trenches in the First World War. Clairvoyants often see him with the bullet hole through his helmet.

People who know German, immediately recognise Kurt's accent as coming from the countryside outside Berlin. Indeed, when I travelled through Germany, Kurt pointed out the farm where he was born in that lifetime, a short distance from Berlin.

I see Kurt as an energy, rather than in human form. That he chooses to show himself as an ordinary soldier is surely a lesson in humility to us all.

Kurt works with me in the group channellings and my personal counselling sessions by organising the connections with the other Guides. He shows me a person's parallel/past lives that have a bearing on that person's present life. Kurt has channelled all my books, talks and CDs.


Babuben is my healing Guide. It is through her that I am able to do my healing in the broadest sense of the word:

  • building ways to help people carry their burdens
  • helping people to see the advantages or opportunities in even the worstsituations
  • providing a space in which people feel relaxed and easy with themselves
  • working with energy fields and with the soul to heal present and past
  • telling stories to hold up the mirror to ourselves.

Babuben shows herself as a Talit "untouchable" from India. She spent that lifetime scrounging on rubbish dumps. This is significant, as it is the garbage collectors who are the greatest healers in society. If this service were to be stopped for any length of time, imagine how physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
diseased we would become!

Babuben - Guide

In direct channellings, people are struck by Babuben's gentle, joyous spirit. Through her thousands of lifetimes she has truly learned what service to humanity and to the universe means…

Marguerite - Guide


Marguerite is my drawing Guide. She is the force that guides my hands to do Guide drawings. The portraits of the Guides in this web site are all her work. The signature that appears on my drawings - MARNEL - is made up of the first three letters of her name and the last three of my name, Lionel.She revealed herself to me when I was seven years old and has been drawing with me ever since. She presents herself as a Tuareg woman from Mauritania. As a devout Muslim, she kept herself veiled for many years. Only recently did she take down her yashmak to reveal her radiance.

It is highly significant that I, who chose to be born to Jewish parents in this lifetime, should have my closest Guides reveal themselves as a German (Kurt) and a Muslim woman (Marguerite).

There is surely a lesson to be learnt here!


Condor links me back to my shamanic experience in various parallel/past lives. He presents himself as an ancient Inca shaman. The Inca civilization covered most of western South America during the thirteenth and middle sixteenth centuries. The term Inca was a title used by the emperor, but today it is applied to all the people who made up the empire. The original tribes called themselves capac-cuna, "The Great Ones". Condor is associated with one of these original tribes.

The name he chooses is significant. The Andean Condor, which lives between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, is a giant vulture, weighing up to 14 kilograms with a wingspan of 3 metres or more. This bird that soars on the thermals, views the world from on high, its keen eyesight enabling it to see the bigger picture.

Condor - Guide

My abilities to move between the changing aspects of the physical, as well as the fixed psychic energies and cosmic forces, are channelled by Condor.

I share the seven shamanic abilities with Condor and all shaman from all cultures and all time-spaces. They are as follows:

  • cleansing
  • journeying
  • introspecting
  • illuminating
  • creating
  • gifting
  • blessing

Yellow feather - Guides

Yellow Feather

Yellow Feather is a Guide who showed himself when we were creating this web site, stepping forward as an administrator-organiser. He has guided much of what has evolved for this site.

We honour him for his work by placing his image here.It is important to note that individual Guides reveal themselves at specific points in our lives, when they are needed for specific purposes. They step forward, give guidance and assistance where necessary, and then step back again. This is what has happened here with Yellow Feather.

In terms of Kurt's Fulfillment Colours, yellow is associated with organisation, administration and technology. His choice of colour for his feather is a reassurance of his specific skill for this purpose.

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