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Communicating with Cosmic Connections

A new exciting course called Communicating with Cosmic Connections.
This is a series of 6 exciting talks, discussions and teachings focussing on: 

* What do the Guides teach about Spirit and its relation to getting the most out of our physical lives... 
* What the Guides teach about enhancing and developing our communication with the Guides themselves,  our higher selves, our allies in Spirit... 
* What the Guides teach about concepts like truth,  surrender,  positive detachment,  integrity,  positive involvement and engagement in our ordinary physical lives and much more... 
* Having conversations with Guide Energy... Channelling my Guide Kurt and asking him some vexing questions about pain,  suffering,  relationships,  sex,  money,  war,  consciousness, finding joy and peace, healing and more...
* Giving some help/methods to get into the "vortex/matrix/cosmic memory field/Akashic records" to create more effectively...


Meets every alternate month from February
Time: 19.30-21.30
Cost: R350 per session
Minimum 10 people

Feb 5th
Apr 8th
June 3rd
Aug 5th
Oct 7th
Dec 2nd 
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